Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boycott Earl's and other work

August 11,2012
Feast of Ste. Philomena,
    When we lived in Saskatoon we used to go to Earl’s Restaurant a lot. Since our house was tapped we could have supposedly a private conversation. I liked the Chicken Caesar and the coffee. This summer we revisited Earl’s on our way  to Sr. Mary Judith’s final vows. The visit to Earl’s will not be repeated unless some things change there.
    The waitresses were dressed in Little Black Dresses as redefined by someone turning his classy restaurant into a meat market. Dress? well sort of. The skirt was  much too short to call it a dress but it wouldn’t make it as a top . The top was much too plunging back and/or front to call it as such. It was sort of a dress without sufficient top or skirt.. Black? I’ll concede, the colour was black. Little? Very.
    The bathrooms were of course where they always were but the female and male signs were removed . In their place was a brief, usually attributed to men’s underwear and a bra, usually attributed to female underwear. One no longer was to go to the men’s washroom if one is a male or to women’s washroom if one is a female.. If your preferred to dress as a male whether male or female  you were to go through the brief’ door.  If you preferred to dress as a female, male or female you were to go through the bra door.
    Earl’s has staked its territory and we should stake our territory by boycotting this chain. This may be the first mild act of culture wars over Bill C-279. Bill C- 279 is not yet passed and there is no reason why it can’t be defeated. But we have to work at it. John just ran off a copy of the bill and in the near future I’ll be going through it, piece by piece.
It was foisted on Canadians with little knowledge or advance warning. I thought it was one of those things that died when the Tories won a majority government,
    An NDPer tabled it as a private member’s bill. That means it was to be voted not by Party lines but by each individual’s conscience. Private Member’s Bills are very important and an integral part of the democratic process. People including Tories have a right to vote as they see fit. In a democracy people have a right to be wrong and 15 Tories voted for this thing. It is hard to imagine that 30 years ago an NDPer or Liberal would dare entertain such a bill. But we have had years of suppression of free speech, intimidation, and thought police tribunals. People don’t like to admit that they are being bullied or that they are against  “ human rights.”  Unfortunately human rights such as freedom of association, religious freedom and freedom for parents to control their children’s education have been ignored.
    Here are the names of the 15 Tories who voted for this bill. I would like you to print off this list, post it on your fridge or bulletin board and pray for these people every day. If they are your MP especially pray for them and talk to them of the serious implications of Bill C-279 . Pray that they will change their vote , go shopping or have to attend a 4H Calf Show or something. Pray also that the bill will be dropped due to an outbreak of sanity from members of all parties.
     Honourable Chris Alexander ( Ajax- Pickering Riding)
             Hon. Michael Chong ( Wellington- Halton Hills)
             Hon.John Duncan ( Vancouver- Island North)
             Hon.Kerry- Lynn D. Findlay ( Delta- Richmond East)
             Hon.Jim Flaherty ( Whitby- Oshawa)
             Hon.Shelly Glover ( Saint Boniface)
             Hon. Laurie Hawn ( Edmonton Centre)
             Hon.Gerald Keddy (South Shore- St. Margaret’s)
             Hon.Cathy McLeod (Kamloops- Thompson- Cariboo)
             Hon.Lisa Ratt( Halton)
             Hon.Michelle Rempel ( Calgary Centre- North)
            Hon.Bruce Stanton (Simcoe North)
            Hon.Bernard Trottier ( Etobicoke- Lakeshore)
            Hon.Bernard Valcourt ( Madawaska- Restigouche)
            Hon.David Wilks ( Kooteney- Colombia)
    I promise to pray for these people everyday. Gay