Friday, August 10, 2012

Subsidiarity, hence Butt Out

August 10, 2012
Feast of St. Lawrence
    “ Excessive intervention by the state can threaten personal freedom and initiative. The teaching of the Church has elaborated the principle of SUBSIDIARITY , according to which a ‘community of a higher order should not interfere to the eternal live of a community of a lower order, depriving the latter of its functions... section 1883, Catechism of the Catholic Church .
    The entire philosophy of the La Ronge Municipal Office is a direct denial of the principle that decisions should be made at the lowest level possible with redress to a higher level only when necessary and when a wrong cannot be righted at the local level.
    Ms. Val Antoniuk ( VA) was told by two councillors, one mayor and one past mayor that the garbage man whom she hired against the wishes of the community is not doing his job. She treated the two councillors with distain as usual and said “ He is doing a great job!.” Now VA does not live here. She lives 175km from here. She does not see the maggots in the garbage, the hills of brush not taken away, the garbage left for ten days or more or apparently the town truck on yet another trip to La Ronge but she states “ He is doing a great job!”
    What Calvin Cook does do well is refuse to pick up our home garbage and the school garbage. One can only assume that for this he is praised and protected by VA.  VA believes that her job is to control the people of Brabant Lake according to her political and lifestyle bias. That is: the purpose of Northerners is to secure two safe socialist seats, be part of the drug trade and attending vices such as pederasty ( use of boys by men). Cocaine is a mileu that binds. She is a Higher Up and we are not, so her vision must reign.
    She blatantly believes that she has a right to punish us because of what we say and write. Free speech is not even recognised as a Right. It is recognised as a virus that must be stopped at all costs. She was one of the people who endorsed sending me to jail without trial . She did not succeed but that taught her nothing except that effort must continue. John lost his job at the Water Treatment Plant not because of his ability which is a Science Degree above requirements but because of what his wife writes. To quote VA “ John can’t even shut her up.” This happens so often in  Saskatchewan people shrug and say Caswells should have known better.
    Of course we, more than most people are aware of the high cost of speaking- out in a socialist tainted province. Therefore we more than many people spend a lot of time speaking- out in one form or another.
    VA is going to come to Brabant Lake on August 14. I  greatly oppose her coming. She has done everything possible to protect and finance a well known drug dealer . At what point is someone who is aiding and abetting crime accountable for criminal activity herself?
    There is no redress higher than VA because Mr. Brad Henry, her administrator,  says that people must deal with VA and not send him information or expect decisions. We send material to the Minister of Municipal Affairs in Regina but to date it appears to be ignored. One cannot make decisions at the local level even if elected. One cannot get a hearing higher up than the Person who is the Problem. That is decision making in the North. It is not merely an irritant but immoral and against the authority of Revealed Truth in the teaching of the Catholic Church.  Gay