Thursday, August 9, 2012

First gag the opposition

August 09,2012
    Bill C-279 called the Bathroom Bill, more clearly the Classroom Bill and more clearly  still the Court Room Bill passed second reading  BEFORE Bill C-304 became law. C-304 rescinds Section 13 of the hate crimes provision of the Human Rights Act. Many people were threatened due to their suspected views and thoughts including main- stream and often Left MACLEAN’S. Many people were not hauled before the Human Rights Commission and fined huge sums of money but were silenced nevertheless . The fact that Section 13 existed but a chill on open and frank discussion. The media including blogs, letters to the Editor, newsletters, small radio stations, community TV channels are a necessary and integral part of the political process. When  the public is gagged by a small handful of people democracy no longer exists.
    The hate laws engendering the Thought Police were in place BEFORE same- sex “marriage” was passed, BEFORE McGuinty’s homosexual push in education, BEFORE Gay- Straight Alliance Clubs became mandatory in Ontario schools, BEFORE Bill 33 putting gender expression and gender identity was put in the Ontario Human Rights Code. All these outrageous laws were passed by first muzzling public opposition.
    I have experienced many court room decisions that were won by the socialist political officer of the north simply because I couldn’t attend, I wasn’t aware of the court or the court  was really a surprise telephone conversation in which I was not allowed to launch a defence. It is very easy to win a fight when one’s opponent is not allowed to fight back.
     Canada has been under siege by a small militant clique determined to impose a
culture of death on this vigorous and Christian country. They have succeeded because they first stopped any verbal or written debate. They had the means to punish even people’s suspected thoughts. When Section 13 was deleted Canada returned to democracy. But we must take advantage of this window of opportunity. We must start thinking, reading and speaking out on such absurdities and fantasies as “ sex changes.”
                   At one time the feet of little girls of China’s upper class were bound so tight they became deformed . This was a status symbol to show that these girls and women did not have to do hard labour.  In one South American tribe boards were bound to a babies’ head to make his forehead and back of his head flat, protuded and distorted.  In some Muslim countries female circumcision is practised today. These things are considered cruel, and  illogical especially because they were imposed on babies and small children who cannot make a decision.
    We now have children going to school to be manipulated to believe that they really aren’t who they are. They are a girl in a boy’s body or a boy who just happens to have female accroutements. They are vulnerable, haven’t yet learned A is for apple and are being pushed into a decision that will effect their entire life and probably destroy them. They won’t be able to marry and have children without perpetuating a fantasy and without taking someone else’s children. More children will be kidnapped by the State to be handed over to confused couples presently in vogue.
    Parents are having their children mutilated at an early age. No one calls this extreme child abuse which it is. No one is warning parents of the possible emotional and mental dangers now and in the future. The Girl Guides rush to assure people that their mutilated boy is welcome, at least by a few, in their Brownie packs.
    Gains that were made that assured girls and boys a wide spectrum of activities and careers are open to them  are wiped out. A girl would be in danger to swing a bat or to climb a tree for fear her future as a wife and mother could be wiped out by surgery at 6 years old.
    Bound little mincing feet and a flat forehead are far less cruel than this.  Gay