Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preferential Option for the Drug Trade

September 06,2012
    There will be elections for Local Advisory Ctte.on Sept. 26 here. We have copies of responsibilities of Chairmen and Councillors. We know that candidates are to make public their criminal or non- criminal record.  At least two of five people will not run again. Municipal Advisor Val Antoniuk has made it clear according to her there is no real decision making responsibilities at the local level. All decision making is made by her from the  La Ronge Office. Whatever she does cannot be considered illegal, unfair or unethical because she holds the purse strings.  The purse strings of what? Brabant Lake’s share of Northern Revenue Sharing, that is taxes held in trust, to be divided by northern communities according to their population.
    What we do know is that VA has a preferential option for those involved in the drug trade. If you are not willing to facilitate the trade there is no real place for you on council, as an employee or even as a member of the community according to her. There are only three people who are employed by the muncipality.Three of six jobs were given to them. No seasonal work was approved which usually gave a few weeks of work for ten people doing necessary work for the community’s safety. She was not interested in giving any work except to her two favourites who have a long standing involvement in the drug trade. The third employee is noted for her compliance to the drug trade. Her son has The Drug House in the community which happens to be next door providing vulgarity, pounding music and traffic all through the night and into the morning.
    It was decided at one time that the North and in particular  Brabant Lake was supposed to be a drug haven. There are those who want it kept that way. This of course means that the North would be in a state of approved criminal activity. Since it facilitated the continued control by the NDP this was accepted. The people of the North were to be part of a sociological experiment of how far and how fast drugs and immorality could destroy a people.  In the meantime a controlling elite could enjoy their lifestyle preference which happened to be drugs and immorality.
    There are those including people in positions of responsibility who never bought this. They were all persecuted and harrassed to some extent depending on their profile and effectiveness. The game plan depended on silencing the critics. Having “ a big mouth” was a ticket to persecution and exit. Yes it’s true that VA pushed for my going to jail because  I blocked her at every turn according to the judge. She said I could go to the meetings but “ I couldn’t ramble on and on.” That was the kind of words that justified court procedures in which I was not allowed to say anything in my defence.  If I could put people in jail for criticising me they would have to reopen Alcatraz or tell us where the internment camp in northern Saskatchewan is located.
    The limits and responsibilities of Municipal Advisors should be published and distributed. Let me guess. How about being limited by the Criminal Code, the BNA Act 1867 and the Charter of Rights for starters. Meanwhile VA SHOULD NOT RUN the Sept.26 meeting. If that provides a scheduling problem another date can be made. Many people do not want to be in the same room as she and she has made it clear THIS people of Brabant are disgusting to her.  Gay