Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mayor locked out of Town Hall

    Last night I wrote the blog and e- mail “ Preferential Option for the Drug Trade.” It would be a good idea to read that one first . John Caswell, the Acting Mayor of Brabant Lake has just discovered that he is locked out of the town hall. Without his knowledge they changed the lock on the hall. The only people  who have a key is the unelected Joyce McLeod who without anyone’s knowledge or vote became the Rec. Director plus Secretary. Although she signed the petition to have Val Antoniuk resign as Municipal Advisor she is VA’s preferred person in Brabant Lake because she does what she is told and her family has a long standing involvement in drugs. The other person is Lydia Hardlotte the janitor who is Joyce’s mother.
    Sarah Charles who was elected Councillor has never been given a key. Peter McKenzie, Councillor recently found his key. With  elected people having access to the hall there seemed to be a concern that “ too many people had access.” Well don’t forget the La Ronge Higher Ups changed the locks on our home five times. I’ve been waiting for a blog that is found to be an exaggeration . The one last night apparently was understated as usual.
    John phoned Mel Piper and asked him to please sign his papers so he could get his Level 1 Classification since he has done all the hoops. Mr. Piper who lives in La Ronge and who was the one who changed the locks says  “ I’ll see what I’m getting myself in for “ before he does it. Mr. Caswell studied for the exam , challenged it and got 88%. He has worked at the Water Treatment Plant for about two years  He worked weekends and at times another operator was indisposed due to drugs and alcohol.  All of John’s money was channeled back into the mission work.  Antoniuk without cause refuses to allow John to work at the plant although she hasn’t fired him. So if you haven’t donated lately or never have this would be a great time to do so.    Thanks, Gay