Saturday, September 22, 2012

Charities Have a Right to Exist

    It is very interesting to live North of Prince Albert above that once crucial line, the boundary of D.N.S.( Department of Northern Services)  Officially it was removed in the legislature in 1985 and replaced with the Northern Municipality Act. That is about the only thing that was removed. Not only did the socialist elite running the North ignore the fact that their power is officially deminished so did everybody else. We constantly run into situations where people, friend or foe act like northern Saskatchewan is a very distinct place where the laws, protocols, ethics and legal traditions of the rest of Canada do not apply.
    It is good to be pro- life but INDIANS need abortion, that is the rest of the province need less people with a slightly higher percentage of melanin under their skin. We Northerners need abortion so much we aren’t even trusted with one Pro- Life Newspaper when we request five thousand or so for redistribution.  We aren’t told when pro-life meetings and elections are held. We might show up.
    This is unfortunate because there seems to be a great deal of muddling down South (South of Prince Albert) in which we could shed some light. For example I just learned that all pro- life educational organisations need to reapply by 2014. They are told that they need their “letters patent” and all by- laws sent to Charities Division in Ottawa. I have no idea what letters patent and neither did anyone else know. They are told these need to get it from the Corporations Branch in Regina, which tells them they need to get them from Charities Division of CRA and on and on.
    Let’s call the game for what it is. There are civil servants put into government by Liberal ( Federally) and by NDP ( Provincially ) regimes who hate charities , who do not want any organised influence that they cannot control. They are viciously anti- Christian and anti- Life . All this paper work, expense, time and legal fooforah serves no purpose except to harass Christian organisations. In Communist countries one cannot have independent charities. They are blatently forbidden. In the Corrupted Canada of the post- Trudeau Era  charities were similarily despised and persecuted. However Canadians do not like to admit that they are being bullied and put into totalitarian staight- jackets so civil servants use the soft approach. They use a tool of the Communist terrorists, rubber bats that leave no tell tale bruises but do eventually fatal damage to the inner organs.
    We are isolated,  made to feel inept, absurd,  eccentric and the Only Ones who object to these perfectly valid regulations. forms, procedures, and protocols. If we were truly a proper charity we would employ lawyers and accountants full time to work for the Charity which is really working for the civil servants in Ottawa and Regina who need to justify y their existence by moving, blocking, moving , blocking papers. We are paying for the civil servants and we are expected to pay for staff who help justify their salary. In the meantime the real purpose of the charity is stymied and eventually stopped.
    Conservative governments provincially and federally cannot do everything but it seems a very small request to ask them to get these ideolgical totalitarian toadies off our backs. Charities deserve tax receipts for donors because they are doing a service that cannot or should not be done by government. A reasonable amount of accountability is accepted. But the situation is totally out - of - control. People have a right to freedom of association and freedom of religion not because it is in the Charter but because it is an inalienable right. Civil servants can’t take that away and elected officials should stop them from doing so. Immediately. Gay