Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Corruption in Full Bloom

    Antoniuk of the most corrupt and totalitarian (read Communist) office , The La Ronge Municipal Office,is in full bloom. She has set her people in place to run Brabant Lake. No surprises.
    Rebecca McLeod will be councillor, Eugene McLeod will be mayor and Mrs. Eugene (Joyce) McLeod will run the office. Only she and her mother who is the janitor  will have keys. No elected people will have keys only the mayor because his wife has a key. There will only be two people on council like there was before. Rebecca and Eugene will sign each other work sheets and Joyce will approve them. This is very acceptable to the La Ronge office including apparently Mr. Henry. I was talking to him but his junior employee Val Antoniuk said that tthe meeting is ended.
    John and I asked about Conflict of Interest. This is no conflict - of - interest because Eugene won’t vote for pay raises et c, only their buddy Rebecca will and Val will approve if not initiate everything, according to Val..
    In the Spring at a secret meeting Joyce McLeod( not elected) and Rebecca ( not elected with the councillor/janitor Lydia approved the Rec. Director budget. When the majority of people wanted to get rid of the Rec. Director position Antoniuk refused to allow a vote, a motion or a hearing. She insisted that Joyce McLeod, not elected and Rec. Director, her mother< councillor and Rec. Director helper and then Mayor Solomon Hardlotte be at the meeting to overturn the decision. There was still a majority opposed since Joyce shouldn’t have had a vote and Solomon kept quiet. He thanked John for exposing that the Rec. Director position was just an excuse to stop Christian activity.
    It was evident that Val was going to make this secret meeting her approved council. Lydia is not running again but was and is a paid employee while councillor.
    Eugene and Rebecca, liason of Lawrence Beurkert employed themselves to build a new town hall. They put themselves on salary, did not allow tenure and violated heating, building, circulation regulations. The building needed about a hundred thousand dollars of repairs. They got a Federal grant to build an outdoor skating rink even though there all ready was one. After four  years we still don’t have a skating rink and have a pile of useless cement in the warm- up room. These are the people Antoniuk want running things.
    Rebecca says that there should only be two councillors because there are too many fights when there are four. Yes indeed, democracy is a messy thing. People discuss and argue, agree and disagree. They forget what is important to people like Antoniuk is that drugs will flow including through the town hall and water treatment plant.
    Antoniuk at the last meeting said that if one is in the same household as an elected person you can’t have a job. That was last meeting. Eugene has said in the past to me that he doesn’t want to hear about any interest - of- conflict. And what Eugene or Val don’t want to hear about isn’t allowed. So there. Who will see that things are run properly this term? Val says that I am more than welcome at the meetings but I have to go as a delegation... and she’ll decide who has a delegation. If you’re Rebecca McLeod who does whatever Val says you get to approve budgets when you’re not elected.
    I will be keeping an all night vigil on the porch of the town hall to protest the Corruption from La Ronge.I will be decorated the place with signs that say “ Antoniuk hates democracy.” “Only Druggies can have a job or be on council”. “Christianity not allowed in Brabant Lake.” I’ll be there when Val opens up OUR town hall. Gay
    MEDIA:If you like feel free to use this as a News Release 306-758-2041 or 758-2046 You can’t phone me at the town hall because Brabant Lake people aren’t allowed to use their hall.