Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why We Protest YouTube

    The sequel to yesterday’s e-mail and blog is John and I produced our first youtube video. We did not go to the elections meeting. I went back to the school and John produced WHY WE PROTEST. It can be found at:
    The person speaking is myself. . The producer is John Caswell. We will be producing other videos as the issues arise.
    The election results were Rebecca McLeod is mayor,Peter McKenzie is councillor and Harriet McKenzie is councillor. People chose a reduced council.. After the election Val Antoniuk, true to form, wanted Kevin and Kalvin Cook, well known for their drug involvement , to be allowed the town truck to get wood. She emphatically would not let anyone use the town truck for brush clearing or for  firewood but now wants to make an exception for her preferred. The Council unanimously said no. A good start. Gay