Monday, October 8, 2012

Pearson and Norman: Spies Extraordinaire

Jour de Grace
Thanksgiving Day
    Does it matter that a man who entered the civil service in External Affairs in 1928 and
had an illustrious career in foreign affairs culminating in being Prime Minister of Canada from 1963 to 1968 is now conclusively known as a Communist? He worked not on behalf of his country Canada but on behalf of the Soviet Union, an evil empire that enslaved its own people and sought by any means necessary world domination. He won the Nobel Peace Prize while playing an active role in the United Nations, an organisation headed by Alger Hiss, a convicted Communist.
    Canadians like to be nice and its not nice to draw attention to the fact that our policies, wars, cultural shifts, loyalties and traditions have been influenced, shaped, corrupted and in some cases destroyed by a man who was a committed Communist since his days as a Cambridge (U.K.) student. We also have our own share of snobbery. How could a benign chubby face man, the son of a Methodist preacher, who always wore a red polka dot tie fool US? !. The answer is easily, professionally and with the help of an international network.
    James Barros, a Political Science Professor at the University of Toronto wrote a book published in 1986 about Herbert Norman called NO SENSE OF EVIL. Herbert Norman was a Communist, now confirmed many times over who worked for the KGB. He ended his life by “ suicide” in Cairo, Egypt. It was claimed that he was innocent and the victim of an American sub- committee on Un- American Activities. Because Norman was being “hounded, persecuted and maligned” by some anti- Communist American senators he took his life. Donald Creighton, a Conservative Canadian Historian takes this tack in his text book.  The security organisation of Great Britain’s MI5, America’s FBI and Canada’s RCMP had plenty of evidence of Norman’s Communist involvement and shared it willingly but he was always protected by his Canadian boss, Lester B. Pearson.
    Somehow Barros’ book about Norman keeps turning into a book about the civil servant, minister of External Affairs and Prime Minister, Mike or Lester B. Pearson. Barros probably would have got less co- operation than he did if he openly targetted  Pearson. The grants and open archives would have been forever closed. Albeit Barros does a very good job of opening the doors so we can walk in and draw the obvious conclusions. He posits on page 109 “.. one might dare to think the unthinkable____that Pearson was Moscow’s ultimate mole.”
    Pearson and Norman are like a malignant Dupont et Dupond or Thompson and Thomson in TIN- TIN.  The two bowler hatted Scotland Yard men dress the same, look the same, go the same places , are on the same tasks, are stumbling along, trip each other up but end up very likeable.  Pearson and Norman did look alike, were sons of  Methodist clergy, went to the same schools including Cambridge University at the same time as did the Cambridge Four.
    The Cambridge Four were a top level British spy ring who worked for the Soviet Union. They included Burgess, Blunt, Maclean and Philby. It was said that there were a Cambridge Five. A moot academic point is: was the fifth one Norman or Pearson? The likely answer is Pearson . It was he who protected Norman, gave him assignments and sent him a handwritten note days before Norman committed suicide or was pushed from the Cairo building. Mrs. Norman said her husband was not suicidal in the past or near his death. Pearson’s handwritten note inexplicably is not quoted or produced in Barros’ book.  MI5  The FBI, the RCMP and the American senate hearing  had evidence of Norman and Pearson’s guilt. Gouzenko, a defected Soviet clerk in Ottawa said it was known “Pearson is one of us.” Files from East Germany released after the fall of the Berlin Wall state that Norman and Pearson were working for the Soviet Union. It is time to discuss the enormous harm that they did to this country and to the world and to undo what we can.  Gay