Tuesday, June 25, 2013

$150,000 and I didn't even go

June 25, 2013
    Well that great Canadian, 25 yr.old Jonathan Toews ( pronounced Taves, good Mennonite name) won the Stanley Cup, err, I mean ,the Chicago Black Hawks won.
    This posting is written by me but it is actually the posting of our neighbours.
    Brian McKenzie got a settlement of $10,000 because he allegedly went to the Anglican Residential School in La Ronge.  One neighbour says that he only went for a month. Another person looked through the records of Ospwakun Sepe School ( the public day school) and found that he was enrolled there through the period that he claimed he went to the residential school . As soon as he got the $10,000 he filled out a form for a Special Case. In the last few weeks he received $140,000. The community has been suffering from his wild sprees ever since. I asked people what is the logic of this ? Why did he get $150000.? No one could tell me.
    He gave one sister , who has a well paying job $20,000 He gave another a $1000 and another nothing. His sister could have also got the same amount of money but she didn’t bother. He bought one of his brothers a truck. He bought one for himself for $7000. He never gave his parents anything. No one could tell me why. Perhaps the parents know the Ten Commandments too well including “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not lie”.
    Since we came 17 years ago Brian has had a track record of heavy dope usage, woman beating,  serious physical abuse against his former girl friend’s children, threatening us with burning down our house and the mission school, serious attempts to kill us, serial womanizing usually ending with violence against them, and corrupting minors . When he wants to party he takes over other peoples’ houses . Everyone is afraid of him with good reason .Last Sunday there was a rock through the window of the chapel door.  It is naturally assumed that he did it. Only he has the strength and the motivation to throw a rock through plexiglass into the middle of the chapel. He hates any thing about Christianity and probably needs to be exorcised.  This is not a joke.
    He bought two cases of whiskey , cost about $600 to $1000. “ Most of it was stolen from him.” Does this community need Brian to have $150000 of unearned money got by fraud? How many Brians are there all over Canada terrorising their own families and communities?
    There is not one case of proven residential school abuse. There is not one case of proven fraud either  . No court procedures, due process or legal defence was allowed. This whole racket  begun 40 years ago by Liberal Prime Minister Pearson who has been exposed as a high ranking Communist and by his protege Prime Minister Trudeau who was blatently a fellow traveller of Castro and the Soviet Kremlin. This whole corruption of native people is squarely on the Record of the Liberal Party. As long as the native vote was delivered no accountability or public scrutiny was allowed for the millions that went through Liberal Party Organisations like Federation of Sask. Indians, Brotherhood of.. et c.
    People believe that some natives are getting money because they were sexually and physically abused after they were forcibly yanked from their families. No person went to residential school without their parent’s permission unless the child was an orphan or a ward of the state ( foster child). Corporal discipline did not and does not constitute abuse under Canadian law. Catholic parents sent their children to Catholic Schools, Anglican parents to Anglican Schools. People got sums of money just because they attended and in many cases like Brian even if they never attended. One person who got money because her sister- in- law registered her personally told me “ I don’t  remember going to residential school. I was in the TB sanitorium those two years.” Gay