Friday, June 21, 2013

Paying for Bob Rae et al

June 21,2013
    When Bob Rae MP (NDP- Lib) tabled a bill to abolish the Indian Act which stems from the Treaties with the Queen and Natives I thought that we were seeing a knee- jerk stunt of a Torontonian ideologue who never has touched reality outside of a rent control pent- house apartment. With the announcement today that he is quitting electoral politics to be the Chief Negotiator for Chief Atleo and Union- of- Professional- Indians I now know that he hasn’t touched reality but his bill was no knee- jerk stunt.  See last Wednesday’s blog. They really do intend to hand over Canadian natives to an ethnic ghetto run by bureaucrats who have never had a job or business outside of living off the largess of tax funded Indian politics. The individual rights of these Canadians will be abolished for the edicts of a very expensive bureaucracy. The FSI scam is being  and will be spread all over Canada.
    Chief Atleo is angered that the Tory government did not enter into negotiations with every “ First Nation” instead of passing a bill that will begin the process of assuring safe water on reserves. Freeze frame please. Chief Atleo is not the least concerned that some child will die of cholera, dysentery, or numerous other illnesses caused by unsafe water. He is concerned that the Federal government did not enter into prolonged expensive negotiations with three or four levels of native government most of whom are unconstitutional, against the Treaties, and / or totally unnecessary. Chief Atleo is paid by the taxpayer. Exact amount please. You can bet about three times higher than what Mike Duffy allegedly owed the Senate. Chief Atleo’s entire staff is paid for by the taxpayer. All the people who he claims should be consulted are and will be paid by the taxpayer. The negotiations would be held in expensive hotels or government offices. All plane fare, taxis, meals and per diam pay will be paid by the taxpayer.  All expenses on both sides of the negotiations would be paid by the taxpayer. This is their occupation: finding ways to get the government to give them more money to travel and sit, travel and sit, hold news conferences, travel and ...
    The longer the negotiations the more money and luxurious lifestyle will pass to the professionals. Guess what? IF YOU PAY PEOPLE TO GO TO MEETINGS THERE WILL
    Meanwhile one child or many children, one or many adults especially elders will become sick and die of unsafe water.
    Prime Minister Harper and his caucus are on the side of the child . Atleo and Rae are on the side of the few who’s home is the elite hotel not the reserve or northern community.
    Bob Rae is leaving electoral politics where you can actually be defeated to ride with the well healed. He is probably the quintessent person in all of Canada  most removed from the realities of the  rugged and sometimes difficult life of a northerner or a native on a reserve.. He does not share any of the values of most natives and other Canadians such as God, Family, Country . He shares the views of the Left Libs: big government, denial of individual responsibility and achievement , no sense of moral certainties, tolerance and advocacy of drugs and the dissolution of traditional marriage .
    Atleo stated: “ This will be the Summer of Sovereignty.” Sounds just like a Quebec Separatist doesn’t it? Sovereignty to a Separatist is we can be as corrupt as we want, we can trample on other people’s fundamental rights including the right to life and the rest of Canada cannot do anything about it but the Canadian taxpayer must pay and pay and pay and look the other way.  Canadians have had enough of sovereignty but we’ll send you the bill.
    Bob Rae’s salary is being paid by the taxpayer. He will continue to be paid by the taxpayer while he works at the disunity of Canada and the denial of rights of Canadian natives. Gay