Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Native Destruction Plan

June 19,2013
    What is the Liberal Party’s real  plan and present programme for Natives.?
    Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his Justice Minister Jean Chretien had a White Paper to get rid of reserves and Treaty Rights. Interim Leader Bob Rae recently stated that the Indian Act should be completely abolished and recently tabled a bill to that effect.. Until he tells us otherwise we’ll assume this is the policy of Junior Trudeau.
    The other part of the policy can be found by the Liberal- NDP ‘s political organisation Federation of Sask. Indians. THESE ARE  NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF EVERY OR ANY LOCAL CHIEF AND COUNSELLOR ON EVERY OR ANY RESERVE.
    The FSI is:1. Against grass roots democracy . Power and Policy is from the top down.

2. Against free speech and freedom of the media for natives and others. Remember that no native ever was allowed to publicly support residential schools and the churches. If one attempted to do so his or her life or home was in danger. Some tried but no tax payer money was given for plane fare, conferences, media events or  classes with credits for them as individuals or as a group. THE FSI was a propaganda organisation against the churches for forty years and still has an ongoing residential school secretariat.

3. ANTI - CHRISTIAN. Natives and metis are historically and to this day some of the most devout Catholics in the world. To wean them from their Christian Faith FSI created another religion which is a hodge podge of various witchcraft, shamon practices, New Age hype and make-it- up- as -you-go. It was and is imposed on natives and the rest of Canadians at tax payer expense. It became mandatory in some jails,clinics, native studies classes and public cermemonies.  FSI works to control Catholic priests . They want only priests they can control through black mail of vices and other means. Those Oblates who have succumbed   to their control have become spiritual and moral wrecks with their vocations in tatters. And yes not only do they put hexes and curses on people, they brag about it.

4. FOR EUGENICS: Eugenics is the belief and practice that an elite should control the breeding of people as if they are cattle or plants. The foremost eugenist was Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood Foundation. She was a Jewess and promoted birth control firstly in poor Jewish communities in New York. She said that the negro preacher should be used to advance birth control among negros. Why has FSI never spoken out against rampant coercive contraceptives, sterilisation and abortion pushed on natives? I thought the answer was they are just too comfortable to care. Then they actively stopped natives from going to the pro- life march in Regina last month.

5. PRO- DRUGS.  FSI has never spoken out against drugs even though it is a major problem on many reserves and the biggest problem in the North. Drugs and alcohol are a key political player in  the North.  In the last provincial and federal elections I saw no Lib- NDP campaign materials  except weeks of drugs, alcohol and election fraud. The question remains:Where does the Lib- NDP get their excessive supply of drugs? That should interest us all including Interpol, the RCMP and other police forces.

    The Liberal plan has been to build up tax- funded native organisations yet they want to get rid of individual Treaty rights and reserves. They want FSI to control the natives according to their direction while denying the fundamental  rights of  individuals. Gay