Thursday, September 19, 2013

Canadian Catholic Church under Pagan Attack

Sept.19, 2013
    Should a Canadian Citizen have right to speak out on matters that concern her?
    Should a Canadian Indian have a right to speak out on native abuses?
    Should a Catholic Canadian Indian have a right to speak out on abuses and threats to her beloved Catholic Faith?
    Should a ninety year old Catholic Canadian Indian have a right to speak of past, present and real native culture ?
    It may surprise you that many people including bishops, priests, highly paid self- proclaimed native leaders have answered these questions by a resounding no!
    Lorna Keras’  grandmother grew up in a longhouse in the interior of British Columbia. The grandmother was a daughter of a chief with nine wives and many children. Lorna knows about so called native spirituality as hexes, curses, trances, demon posession et c. Her grandmother, her mother and she embraced the Catholic Church knowing full well the alternative spirit world . Lorna returned to the Faith at 50 years old. She has been evangelising, writing, speaking, praying in defence of the Faith every since. She and her helpers have a ministry called Mercy Gate Mission in Surrey, B.C.. She has helped many individuals and other missions including our own. Her education level is a scant grade eleven. She has a profoundity and insight that must be from the Holy Spirit.
     Not surprisingly when parishioners at Fort Smith were being forced to have Jesus’ Tabernacle replaced with a Medicine Wheel, had the Mass interrupted and cursed with demon prayers and other pagan innovations they called on her. She wrote a letter in support of their concerns.
    One lady, an outstanding Christian passed Lorna’s letter around their North West Territories Community . The priest, an East Indian who went from Catholic Holy to Pagan Scandalous via Edmonton Indian Church  yelled at this lady. He said that she could not distribute the letter . He threatened to excommunicate her.
    Freeze frame for a moment please. A parishioner distributes a letter to fellow parishioners to protect the purity of the Mass. The parishioner is threatened with excommunication. On what charge? Heresy? Unrepentant scandalous lifestyle? Oh no. Her alleged unforgivable sin is trying to keep the Mass a Catholic Mass not a pagan ritual. Now if the distributor of the letter is to be excommunicated , then the writer should also be excommunicated. Fortunately that priest cannot get at Lorna in Surrey. Then other distributors of the letter should be excommunicated, that is kicked out of the Catholic Church. The letter is posted on mrsgraycaswellsays,blog spot, com. Fortunately the priest cannot get at me at  Brabant Lake, Sask.
    But this one priest  was recruited to paganism by a network of powerful political and religious figures. We have expereinced them huffing and puffing at our family members, ourselves and our work.  The “ hair of our chinny, chin chin” can feel pretty singed.
    This New- Age- with- Feathers stuff has been almost entirely funded by the tax payer. The main vehicle has been Federation of Sask. Indians who last year got $3 million plus, plus. Other vehicles have been Indian Affairs staff and Education Departments. FSI has been heavily funded for at least 40 years. They essentially made up Indian Culture and Religion  as they wished, and  keep adding and embellishing it. We constantly hear new additions to the Old Ways.
    When the NDP were in  farm families were seriously  threatened that they had to give up their land because it really belonged to the Indians. One spokesman justified this by
“Natives have always believed that Saskatchewan is their traditional Sacred Land.”
    Not one politician or media personnel called this extreme male bovine manure for what it is. The boundaries of this vertical rectangle did not exist until 1905. Until then it was part of a nomadic through fare for various tribes who were constantly at war with each other. The natives, American bootleggers, settlers and peddlers never had a sense of the provincial boundaries until they were made. The name is from a river that flows through what is now four provinces.
    Why is it some people can stand up and say something is Sacred Land and be taken seriously even though it turns out usually to be a drug and smuggling route ? Meanwhile the Catholic Mass, Catholic Truth , Catholic Schools, Catholic Hospitals, Catholic Ethics can always be dismissed and plundered.
    Fort Smith, hold the Fort you are not alone. Cardinal George said to me” This must be fought parish by parish “ Your fight is the Fight of the One Holy, Catholic , Apostolic Church founded by Truth, Himself,. Gay

Above is a scanned copy of the  Lorna Keras' letter