Sunday, September 22, 2013

Medicare or Kill-or- Care

Sept.22, 2013
Feast of St. Matthew
    And now back to Assessment, Delivery ( and Abortion ) Unit of Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon.  The mother mentioned in the last blog was ,within hours of my phone call and blog , given medication and treatment to save the baby. She is home with the baby alive and well and inside the mother at 20 weeks..
    My contact had to be in the unit for a week She collected more on site information. A woman came in from Meadow Lake. She had been told “ we are sending you to Saskatoon to get that baby out and to be sterilised.”  When she got to RUH she was informed that the 30 week baby is viable. Efforts were made to save the  baby. The baby will be delivered soon. As for the sterilisation my source had her husband get a pamphlet from their home concerning the harmful effects of sterilisation. The mother read it and is refusing the sterilisation.
    In the hospitals, Meadow Lake and RUH, gave no information on the harmful effects of sterilisation The pamphlet was published by One More Soul, a prolife organisation. It told of the medical not religious complications of sterilisation. So why is this information not availble in hospitals? The answer is, of course, if mothers knew they would not so easily choose or accept sterilisation. There is no information on the harmful medical effects of abortion for the same reasons.
    In 1985 I tabled a bill “ Freedom of Informed Choice” It was going to be passed by a huge majority but two people sabotaged it. That bill is still available and still needs to be passed. The situation has gotten much worse. Since the NDP closed 60 hospitals targetting the Catholic hospitals in their recent reign of 17 years there is no alternative maternity sites where baby and mother are assured protection. There is a great need for Informed Choice in the area of contraception, abortion and sterilisation in this province.  Since 1981, the NDP had on their books a resolution that no hospital refusing to do abortion would receive government funding. The NDP as soon as they got their chance after 1991 to 2007 made good their promises.  Two- thirds of the babies in the province were delivered at St. Paul’s Hospital. The NDP immediately closed down the St.Paul’s maternity and gynaecology unit. making sure that mothers had no choice but to have babies where they can be pushed into abortion and sterilisation.
    The mother who was ordered by Meadow Lake to have an abortion at 30 weeks and sterilisation is a native . No surprise here. Native women are constantly ordered, coerced, misinformed and misled. The hospitals in and near native communities are often the worse. In La Ronge Hospital women are given abortificients without their permission and knowledge.
    Denise Hounjet- Roth, head of Campaign Life, told me that abortions are not done in Saskatchewan after 12 weeks. So what about these at 19 weeks, 30 weeks, at flag ship hospital, RUH ? As I said a long time ago “ If people are willing to kill, what makes you think they wouldn’t lie?”
    In 1978 a nurse trained in England told me that there was a whole field of expertise and knowledge concerning nursing threatened pregnancies. Now that is all ignored. That was in 1978. Today viable babies are killed in the most expensive , most advanced hospital in the province for the crime of being a little difficult in utero.
    In 1980 I went to St. Paul’s Hospital with some bleeding at 7 weeks. I was immediately put in the ward and began to bleed profusely. I miscarried but I still had a positive pregnancy test. For eleven days I was kept in the hosptial, then went home. I put myself on bed rest. The bleeding continued to 25 weeks. At 42 weeks, two weeks overdue, I delivered a baby boy at St. Paul’s at  8lbs. 13 oz. Today he is 6 ft. 4 “ and is Deacon Nathan. Next year he will be Father Nathan Caswell. This man exists because St. Paul’s respected life and therefore made medical decisions accordingly. At 7 weeks the baby was in danger of losing his life like his twin. He and his mother were given medical care.  Thirty years later babies are ordered killed at Meadow Lake Hospital and RUH is expected to do the killing at 30 weeks. Bring back St.Paul’s Maternity. Gay