Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Early Induction = Abortion =Murder


    Hitler transported Jews to their extermination in railroad cattle cars. Sask. Medic Care and Indian Affairs ( Ottawa) transport native women by ambulance to the extermination of their babies. Ambulances have at least two trained professionals,, high tech equipment, amd are built for speed, endurance and stability. They are the most expensive mode of transportation on the road.  That is perfectly logical because they are a first response to a life threatening situation. Saskatchewan hospitals are hundreds of miles away from many communities. It is not uncommon for death to occur simply because the ambulance couldn’t make a destination on time. So why are ambulances used to transport native women to abortions?
    A murse at Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert told me that as soon as a native woman is scheduled for abortion it is treated as a top priority and as an emergency complete with: ambulance, immdiate surgery et c. Why? Usually the woman is coerced into abortion. She is given no choice. If she is transported by medical taxi she might slip out at a coffee stop. More than one baby has been saved by family members intercepting a taxi from the North in La Ronge. Almost no treaty person uses his or her own vehicle for a medical issue. The expense is covered so people do not want to use their own gas and truck assuming they have one. Since medicare pays for the ambulance a native woman, threatened by the fear of appearing non- cooperation gets in, the doors are locked and the path to murder of her child is usually swift and certain.
    Why are killing little Indians such a top priority? From a utilitarian view Saskatchewan, especxially in the North is greatly underpopulated. Some Northern communities are vacated, leaving behind good houses, school, church and infrastructure.
The argument is made well thic child will just grow up to be abused, a drunk and a welfare recipient. The argumeGnt that one needs to suck or chop a baby into pieces just in case he might get smacked, spanked or miss a few vegetables in his life is too absurd for a response. There are solutions to the welfare cycle: proper education with high standards of behaviour and academics.Christian leanders and teachers willing to preach the necessity of work and supporting one’s family, tighter regulations to obtaining welfare. What problem, alcoholism, drugs, welfare roles can possibly justify a murder solution ? This is racism in the extreme.
    People are accused of being racist if they criticise corruption and waste, if they don’t use the latest trendy politically correct language, if they don’t tolerate shoddy work and behaviour. Meanwhile the true racism of “genetic cleansing” and eugenics is ignored, not mentioned or discussed and never publicly condemned . It is practised by our “finest” medical professionals in our “best” hospitals.  No Indian leader with a six digit income and expense account has ever condemned this genocide or even admited it existence.
    The code word for abortion is EARLY INDUCTION. The cattle car is an expensive, scarce, medical ambulance. Gay