Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life Taken Away by Connie Daylight

Sept.26, 2013
    The following poem appeared in NITE TALES published by Pahkisimon Nuyeah Library. It is reprinted her by permission of the author, Connie Daylight who lives in Sandy Bay. She is a mother and grandmother.
    Oh, wearisome condition of humanity,
    Born under one law to ban another.
    What is life when you die, before being born.
    In our mother’s womb sheltered,
    While she makes her choice.
    I wish there was no end.
    I wish for life to amend
    But, when this life comes from my mother’s body, only she will choose.
    Where my thought and dreams of life ,
    I can’t see or hear,
    For I feel that death is near.
    Nor chance will I have to see my mother or even glance at my father.
    No breath to gasp when I cry at birth,
    Give me the chance to life,
    Let the law go, the law that kills.
    The wicked men and women born before me made this law,
    No life I shall see.
    Christ may come and I depart thee.
    Born not yet, banish this law and I will live to forgive,
    Nature has no laws.
    Nature herself grants me this chance.
    Look at your tummy and think of me.
    Death comes and doctors murder me.
    My life is parted by a mere desertion,
    Oh, I hate this word called abortion.