Monday, September 30, 2013

Up Against the Wall

. Sept.30, 2013
    On Oct.20 last year there was a 30 year  reunion for the Grant Devine victory. Various politicians including Premier Wall sent letters of congratulations. Something, or a whole lot, rang false when that letter was read.
    I first met Brad Wall at the U of S in 1981. He, the president of PCY, Progressive Conservative Youth, was having an argument with Bernard Janzen, a fellow conservative. Janzen, a devout Catholic,  was telling him that he should not have joined the Freemasons.  After the Devine victory less than a year later Wall was quick to take his share, or a little more, credit for the victory. He worked for various ministers including Hon. Johnny Gerich.
    In the letter last year Wall claimed on April 26, 1982 he was in high school. His parents, not he, were conservatives. He did admit to working in the legislature but then so do a lot of NDPers. In short, Premier Wall lied. If he was so ashamed of being a Tory once why did he send a letter at all?
      One of the major shocks of living in the North is the sense of being isolated from the
 democratic process and the expected role of being a passive victim to Regina vendettas. From 1996 to 2007 we received constant harrassment from the NDP government.. We worked hard to help the Saskparty  any way we could. However the persecution heated up to fever pitch under the SaskParty because of Don Morgan, Minister of Justice. We had had our differences but since he was a fellow Tory I thought he would do his role as the Crown’s minister. I asked him if he could help us get our inheritance from my brother which had been taken by the Quebec government. I did not receive an answer.
    It was Morgan who was responsible for the Rentalsmen Office when La Ronge Housing was trying to kick us out of our home. We went to court on appeal . The judge had obviously been given orders to make no decision before I said one word. When we went to Regina to personally give Non- Profit Corporation forms he refused to allow us enter his office or would not consider talking to us in any way
    It often happens that the Left will gouch their enemies when conservatives are in so the conservatives will be blamed . But Morgan led the parade to force me to go to jail without trial or any due process. He said “ If people are disastisfied with the Human Rights Commission they can use the Court of Queen’s Bench.” : He made it clear that this was his personal view.   We thought that sounded good. But he knew that the Human Rights Commission don’t have a case against me. So he gave signals to his allies to use a proper court in a most totalitarian way. There has never been an investigation let alone recompense of a Court of Queen’s Bench being reduced to a telephone call that stated I was to go to jail.
    Bill Whatcot, an outspoken critic of the homosexual lifestyle he once shared, won in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeals reversing the decision of the Human Rights Commission. Years later Morgan helped that decision to go to the Supreme Court where Whatcott and Free Speach lost, When the decision came down Morgan was no longer Minister of Justice but the Wall government has done nothing to restore free speech and get rid of Wrong Thought Laws. The Harper government has abolished Hate Laws but Saskatchewan has not.
    Wall confiscated all Catholic School property into government hands and bragged about it as a victory reversing the 1905 decision. The debate in 1905 was between the Masons and the Catholics. The Catholics, thanks to Prime Minister  Laurier. won . The right to Catholic education was established in the new province.
    The authority of the school boards have been virtual abolished and Catholic and Public schools are at the mercy of the ideology of Regina. Now Morgan has become the Minister of Education. The buzz is to have sex education . We’ve had sex education in this province since 1976 under Rockefeller Foundation trainee, Douglas McCarthy.  So what is this talk of bringing in sex education? Why Queer Studies,( their term), Gender Choice, Gay Lesbian, Bisexual et c et c. Studies, Gay- Straight Mandatory Clubs just like the Ontario Liberal Government.
    Wall wants to lead the parade to abolish the Senate, a long standing position of the CCF- NDP. The Tories have a majority in the Senate which means most Tory laws can pass and Liberal- NDP laws can be stopped. No Tory who is really a Tory would start a chant to abolish half our democratic institutions. Conservatives including Harper have lead the call for an elected equal and effective Senate. So why abolish the Senate now?.
    Since 1985 to my knowledge there has been no Private Members Bills in the Saskatchewan Legislature. No SaskParty members to my knowledge send out news releases, champion causes, speak as independent members. I have given up trying to talk to any of them and assume that they have been told I am to be ignored.
    The nicest thing ever said of the SaskParty is that they are SaskaTories. Too bad it isn’t true.  Gay