Friday, October 4, 2013

Drug Wars

Feast of  St. Francis
    In reply to the argument that marijuana must be legalised because prosecuting users and sellers ties up court time: Would you prefer courts tied up with acts of violence including murder instead>
    The 60'= nonsense that toking up is just part of “ Make Love, not War” issued in a very violent period of history, increased domestic and street violence, violence and intolerance on campus and constant war and civil war. They really were connected. As more and more people turned to copping out and toking up violence increased and indifference to violence increased.
    To quote a drugs councellor presently stationed in La Ronge “ VIOLENCE IS A CONSISTENT PROGRESSION OF THE ( MARIJUANA USE) DISEASE/” As use continues the user becomes more and more violent. Northern Saskatchewan has had virtually legalised drugs for forty years, Marijuana posession was ignored. Marijuana selling was rarely prosecuted . Whole communities including this one were toking up and destroying themselves and others.
    To quote a former student now son- in- law “ When I was on marijuana I didnt’t care about anybody. I didn’t care if anyone was hurt, suffering or sick. I just didn’t care.
Indifference to other people’s  uffering was the hallmark of the North. Eventually  indifference turned to a passive amusement and curiosity of other people’s suffering and pain to participant in producing pain including violence and molestation of children. Marijuana was so prevasive that even non- users became indifferent or incapacitated  to act  so they turned to alcohol more and more.
    The first thing that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, does is attack the part of the brain that is the emotions centre. Immediately a user’s feelings and emotions are turned off or distorted immediately. Brain cells are damaged or destroyed , memory long- term and short term is destroyed.
    Marijuana is not stored in  blood or in water in the body and soon released as is alcohol. It is stored in the fat and it takes a long time for the body to get rid of the marijuana. It takes 30 or 40 days for marijuana to lose your body. All that time it is acting on your brain, and your cells. It may not show up in a urine test but it is still in your body a month after use. It is a slow acting time bomb. That is what gives the people the illusion that marijuana is a safe and gentle drug.                       
    The word assassination comes from the word “ hashis.” The Old Man of the Mountain is not a myth.  A man in the East controlled men by hashis. What he told them to do, they immediately would do. He lived in a castle on the edge of a mountain. When he told a man to walk out the window the man would do it and would fall to his certain death. When he told the men to kill and to whom to kill they would kill and fulfill their assignment.
    An RCMP sergeant said to me” Gay, you know in the North you do as you’re told.”  He expected us to quietly become homeless because some bully in an office said so. There is no indication this man was a user or advocate of marijuana but he correctly explained the anti- culture mileu. Since marijuana stops people from feeling and then from thinking clearly they become con-fused and easily led. Elections and people are controlled by drugs.
    The NDP- Libs don’t pass out literature and/ or  engage in meaningful discussion . They pass out drugs, especially marijuana a and alcohol. Their political network is their drug network.  Since before last Christmas we have what we call “a radio programme.” It’s a loud speaker and two mikes. We started with playing Christmas carols, then added Gospel songs Bible stories, historical incidents, and announcements.   We do it for about an hour, two or three times a week. . People obviously enjoy it. There were no complaints, no interruptions. Then yesterday John interviewed me on The Scientific Evidence against Marijuana . We were interrupted at 7:45 pm  by loud knocking on the door which we answered. We were yelled and sworn at for about ten minutes. Today our students were afraid to go to school and were afraid for me to walk home alone in the evening. Telling people things like marijuana causes birth defects brings on violence, and threats. No information allowed.
    We need massive real education on marijuana.. There is plenty of suppressed research. and  known, undeniable  facts.  The black page in the British Empire was the Opium wars where the British tempted to control China by distributing opium. Drug lords with the help of admitted user Trudeau and others are attempting to destroy this country as the North was almost destroyed.  Seriously prosecute marijuana distribution, Use and selling.  Gay