Monday, October 14, 2013

The Poisonous Red Herring

Thanksgiving in Canada
    In Nelson, B.C. there is a building designated as the Compassion Club. A few people have prescriptions for  marijuana and the crowd comes flooding in to share their “ medicine.”
Scenarios are repeated like this all over Canada. One such place is the infamous Lydia Restaurant in Saskatoon. From that “compassion club” sprang at least one suicide and one patricide ( murder of one’s father.) To quote the Star- Phoenix “ The Lydia Restaurant is inexplicably closed down.” May it continue thus.
    Keith Stroup, campaigner for the legalisation of marijuana said in 1979 that the medical use of marijuana is “ a red herring to give marijuana a good name. “ A red harring is a case that has no relevance or truth but is used to deflect or twist the argument. The fact is there is NO real  medical use for marijuana and never has been. The advocates of its legalisation have always known that. It is a stepping stone to legalisation. Not surprisingly California and Oregon first legalised pot for medical use and recently for anybodies’ use. Trudeau Junior wants the same lapse into destruction to happen in CanadaThe International Drug Cartels are backing him all the way.
    Pot causes the destruction of the immune system.  Sodomy, AIDS and HIV weaken the immune system. So why  would pot be used as a medicine for HIV and AIDS? Cancer is a disease in which malignant cells begin to grow in various parts of the body. Marijuana has been proven to cause cell abnormalities and distortion in the brain and else where So one is suppose to take pot to speed up the process and contribute to an early death? Pot causes lethargy, difficulty in breathing, lung and throat diseases. So people with diabetes , tuberculosis, emphysema are given  marijuana.For what other reason than a quick progression of the diseases? Marijuana in the environment also contributes to this destruction. Everyone knows of the dangers of second- hand cigarette smoke. Parents are seen smoking outside in 40 below to protect their children. Those same parents or relatives are toking up inside. Do we really imagine there is no second hand dangers to marijuana? Glaucoma is a major cause of blindness in the North. Marijuana particularly makes this diabetic related condition worse. Marijuana residue on students’ clothing and body plus cleaning up cocaine contributed to my need for a serious cataract operation. For students who think it’s none of the teacher’s business if they do drugs think again.
    Which leads to another issue. Teachers who allegedly need marijuana because they have cancer should not be teaching. If a person is so sick that they need such a dubious “medicine” they should not be in the classroom, in the medical ward, driving a bus, train or vehicle of any kind or any other activity that impacts on the health and safety of other.s .Marc Garneau, Liberal MP, how would you like to ride a space ship to a space shuttle built or manned by people using pot? Marijuana causes loss of long term and short term memory, psychosis, depression and mood swings.
    The children and adults in this community or any other community do not need an advocate and user of pot in a position of authority or influence. Posting a teacher who is a user is to legitimise and spread the use of marijuana. The purpose is to keep people drugged and controlled. That is criminal. The scam of medical use of marijuana must be stopped.
    If people are in pain, there are safe pain killers. Since  marijuana is part of medicare  why not prescribe a case of whiskey and paid by the taxpayer? It kills pain and is probably less dangerous than pot.  Stop the marijuana health scam.  Gay