Saturday, October 19, 2013

Valuable Court Time vs Valuable Lives

Oct.19, 2013
    This entry is dedicated to those people whose favourite line is “ Prosecuting marijuana takes up such valuable court time.”
    This is a disgusting, disturbing and true story. Only  the name of the victim/ criminal has been changed.
    In our village there are five boys who began to do marijuana at the age of nine or ten. Peter McKenzie and John Caswell on council ranted that the skating rink needs to be finished; there needs to be more sports and also ranted against marijuana and other drugs. The town administrator , Val Antoniuk responded by allowing the rink to sit unfinished for five years, would not let John Caswell work at the water treatment plant and gave his job to a known drug user and dealer, and  wouldn’t let him be on council .She said he couldn’t talk against drugs. As much as possible she ignores P. McKenzie. She wouldn’t let John attend a conference about “ safe communities.”
    When we phoned the Southend RCMP detachment about the drug house next door we were given the definite impression that they don’t prosecute marijuana use .Who told them not to prosecute? The Liberal Party of Canada? Hon. Don Morgan, former Minister of Justice now Minister of Education? The law doesn’t state that
    A few years ago while “ Johnny” was still a minor he was at a party at the home of staff of the Northern Lights School where teachers, students and minors were drinking heavily and doing drugs. Johnny allegedly sexually assaulted another minor. Johnny quit school in the third grade. He never learned to read The Public School didn’t care. They are only concerned if these early drop- outs start attending Our Lady of the North School.
    This month Johnny now 19 was involved in a hard - liquor and drugs party. He began fighting and his girl victim ended up in emergency in La Ronge.
    Johnny was in court on Tuesday. He missed some courts in Southend. The police picked him up and moved the court to La Ronge. He is being held by the La Ronge RCMP and has  a “ show cause” court on Monday. The Prosecutor’s office explained to John that means bail will be set. Unless the bail is set at $49.95 it is not likely his parents or we could reach it.
    Johnny is a small young man with a face more boyish than his 19 years. If and when he goes to the Penn or jail he will suffer much more than others.  I asked a guard concerning another boy “ What are the chances ___ will stay off marijuana while in jail?” The reply was “ No chance at all. Impossible.”
    There has been a whole lot of court time, police activity, paper work, legal aid, distraught parents, distraught girl friend with baby , distraught Caswells, and  expensive incarceration with more to follow. All of this could have been avoided if ten years ago the supplier to Johnny and friends, and Johnny and friends had police and court activity concerning marijuana distribution, selling AND use.
    The Northern Lights School Board response ? They have put in our community a teacher who uses marijuan for “ medical” purposes, can’t be bothered to ring a school bell and the marijuana use and partying  continues. There is NO medical use for marijuana. Gay