Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Duffy , Wallin non-issue

Oct.22, 2013
    As we were travelling South this summer we stopped at Thomson’s Camps where the breakfast is good and the tea is terrible. With coffee strained tea I was forced to watch CBC on wide screen TV.  I left the restaurant and it wasn’t the tea that did it. At La Ronge A& W  I phoned CBC Regina and protested their treatment of Pamela Wallin, their former employee who was fired for being too conservative. I encountered perfect Female Cat. The CBC witch was in orgasmic throws of pure Jealous Spite. This Wallin story had nothing to do with news, facts or relevance. It was about CBC snits attacking a female who got a position that they didn’t get and did, not with their endorsement, but despite them
    CBC used the term “ questionable “ expenses, not proven wrong, “questionable.” It stated that she paid back “ questionable expense” then went on to show numbers not of money she owed but of money she repaid when it was “questionable “ that she needed to pay anything. Their favourite Angus somebody ranted about “ the taxpauer money she ripped off.” She didn’t rip off anybody. She paid back expenses that were never proven to be wrong.  CBC is the most blatent example of a politically partisan boondoggle at taxpayer’s expense. It took me 3 days to find out who won the Stanley Cup . CBC is not the voice of Canada but the voice of Post - Feminist Era Betrayal and Bitterness.
    Did the Liberals find any burning issues in their constituencies this summer? .Apparently not. They really believe that  the job of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition is  demanding to know if the Prime Minister knew that the then Chief of Staff had lent money to a Senator to pay for another questionable ,not proven overpayment on expenses. What if the Prime Minister had known? What difference would it make?. Somebody allegedly owes some money. He repays  money that he may or may not owe. He pays it by borrowing money from a friend. The friend may or may not have told the Prime Minister . So what ? There is no news story here, no scandal, no proven wrong doing, no criminal act , not even a proven unethical act. Move on please.
     There is one issue about the Senate. The Tories have a majority in the Senate.  The Liberals- NDP which of course includes the CBC do not like that the Tories have a majority in the Senate. The Lib-NDP do not like that the Senate eventually may be elected , effective and with equal representation from each province. No one questioned how or who spent taxpayer money when the Senate was a retirement home for Liberal bagmen.  As usual what the Socialists can’t control, they want destroyed.
    There is one issue about Senators Wallin and Duffy. They are conservative journalists. The Left Establishment has a special hate for anyone who questions their Group Think Monopoly. They know nothing is more dangerous than an honest writer who is willing to think for himself. They think they should be silenced.  They even sometimes work at getting them put in jail. Have you heard of conservative publisher Lord Conrad Black? Or sometimes they work at getting them killed.  The Left do not always get their way. That is good news. Gay