Thursday, October 31, 2013

What They Have Admitted about Marijuana

    The U.S.A. Dept. of Health and Human Services has a pamphlet printed in 1995, revised in 1995 and in 2002. Here are some of the things that the pamphlet called MARIJUANA, FACTS PARENTS NEED TO KNOW.
    1. Marjuana leads to other drugs.
    2. Marijuana has immediate harmful effects. It harms short term memory, markes complex and even simple tasks difficult.
    3.Marijuana impairs driving. It effectsalertness, coordination, concentration, and reaction time. It makes it difficult to judge distances and tp respond to sightnal and sounds on the road.
    4. Marijuana causes respriatory and lung problems.
    5.Marijuana has cancer producing  properties . It  produces head and neck cancer.particularly.
    6. Marijuana impairs the immune system;s ability to fight off infections.
YMarijuana causes a higher rate of colds, lung infections, obstructed airways ( choking.)
    8. Marijuana has been found to cause miscarriages in a study of animals.
    9/ Children born to marijuana smokers have been shown to have an abnormal response to visual stimulation, increased tremor, a high- pitched cry which can indicate problems with nervous system development. The children have more behavioral problems and difficulties with sustained attention and memory. (This is often called ADS, Attention, Deficit Sydrome.) “ It is also possible that certain kinds of problems will become more evident as the child matures.”
    10. Marijuana effects the part of the brain where memories are formed. It makes it diffucult to rmember things that happened a few minutes ago. It is harder to concentrate on tests and activities.
    11. Marijuana destroys brain cells that effect memory. It speeds up loss of memory by twice the rate.  ( Health Canada has done recent tests and has concluded that marijuana can cause Altzeimher’s Disease.)
    12. Marijuana can cause psychosis and can worsen psychotic symptons in people who have shizophrenia . It can cause depression, anxiety and suicidal thinking.
    13. Marijuana causes lack of motivation. Users do not care what happens in their lives, no desire to work regularly, fatigue and no concern about how they look..
    14. Addiction to marijuana is more rapid than addiction to alcohol. Many people need professional help to quit. There are marked withdrawal symprons such as restlessness,loss of appetite,trouble sleeping and shaky hands.
      This pamphlet is available through Youth Addictions Services in the La Ronge and
area.  Marijuana is no longer just a youth problem. Since about 1970 marijuana has been treated as virtually legal in northern Saskatchewan. That means we have generations who have been exposed to a drug environment. There are seniors who are addicted to marijuana.