Thursday, November 7, 2013

Partners in Political Sleaze

    Here is a direct quote from the Office of the Honourable Jim Reiter who is designated at the Minister Responsible for First Nations, Metis and Northern Affairs..
    “ The FSIN ( Federation of Sask. Indians ) is an independent organisation of its member First Nations. As such there is no ministry within the Government of Saskatchewan responsible for the organisation. The specific information you are asking would best be provided by the FSIN.”
    Freeze Frame this one please. The FSI is claimed to be an independent organistion and no ministry, person, governing agency is responsible to give out information concerning their stated reason to exist, number of employees, salaries of their chiefs and other CEO’s . The problem with this alleged independence is FSI gets well over 3.1 million dollars from tax payers, that means from you and I. They get this money through the Provincial Government . It is not made public in the provincial budget but is spread through various departments such as Justice, Education, Social Services et c. People are invited to the Budget Speech and the media gives this event and document some serious publicity. Nobody notices who gets funding through various ministries . FSI funding information could be requested by Her Majesty’s Opposition but the NDP very much support racist, secret  and unaccountable funding of their political  branch plants.
    FSI have nutured racism as a political tool for 40 years. They have bullied politicians, taxpayers, media and especially band leanders and members. Their positions on issues can best be defined by their public silence.  They have been and are silent about Judge Bekolay and lawyers using northern native boys for sex orgies for blackmail and bribe purposes. They have been and are silent about native girls and women being pushed into abortion and sterilisation. They have been and are silent about the harmful effects of drugs, the wide spread use of drugs as political control, and  the destruction of individuals and communities by drugs.
     Not only are they silent about the eugenics use of abortion on natives they did not allow natives from northern Sask. to participate in the May March for Life in Regina. They are blatantly pro- abortion and against freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly as well as opposed to the right to life from conception to a natural, not forced, death.
    They have made no contribution to improving the standards of education in the North and on reserves except to ask for three times more funding than provincial schools. They get money from Ottawa, the band, and the province while other schools get money only from one source, the province.  Rather than truly respecting culture derived from the grass roots they impose their own made- up religion on others. Their concept of education is forced propaganda which suits their political agenda.
    For all this they get an admitted 3 million a year and no questions asked.
    Meanwhile Premier Wall has redefined his responsibilities. They do not include being Premier of the people of northern Sask but only Premier of the Native Establishment Elite. Natives are not individuals but the property of FSI politicians.  It takes courage to face provincial bullies who have had expertise in manipulation for 40 years. It is more enjoyable to get headlines over bashing the Senate. Wall doesn’t want more  politicians in the province who are elected voices  in Ottawa who may outshine him. Senators are expected to pay back money it was never proven they owed plus lose two years of salary. FSI can do what they want with tax payer money and no provincial politican or department will even tell us what is their stated purpose for existence. The Provincial government is thus Partners in Political Sleaze.  Gay