Thursday, November 28, 2013

We're comfortable with That

Nov 28,2013
To media outlets and others. Feel free to use this as a news release or editorial.
        I phoned three numbers of the Ministry of Highways in a four day period over the decision to stop building the road to Wollaston Lake community.. I got two sympathetic receptionists and Mr. Chris Thresher of the Minister’s office.. He said that the road was a campaign promise but we have publicly reversed the decision. We have decided that the numbers are not just there. We looked at population, road usage, and decided that the priorities are Southern roads. “ And we’re comfortable with that.”
    I said that I was glad that you are comfortable with that but perhaps you should take a very uncomforatble road on a ski-doo for 50 miles across the Wollaston Lake. He said that they had travelled on many Northern roads but “ obviously not to Wollaston.”  I interjected “by plane?” He assured me that they travelled on roads too.
     I said that of course the number of vehicles are low compared to the South. You have to have a big government job to be able to afford a new truck every two or three years. You have to be really tough and have a reliable ski- doo. There’s lots of people who hardly ever get out. I said last summer two Deacons and others were going to travel to Wollaston but the barge broke down and was stuck for two weeks. We didn’t travel that road because we couldn’t. Many people are in the same situation. You can’t use the traffic volume figure if people can’t have a road to travel.
    He said that we spend more money per capita in the North than anywhere else. I said of course you do . That is the case about everything. What’s the problem ? Crops we’re really good everywhere. You get revenue from uranium and gold and other mining from the North. He said we get revenue from oil and potash in the South as well. The population numbers just don’t justify the expense.
    Now before the campaign promise of a road to Wollaston was made the population was the same or less, the lake was as wide and the revenue from mining was less . Why didn’t they make that evaluation before the commitment? Maybe a lot of people don’t want to go to Wollaston and they don’t care. But what about a government that doesn’t keep their financial commitments in a record financial year? How will Saskatchewan people be treated on any campaign promise.?
    The end goal of government is not so a handful of politicians and bureaucrats  can be “ comfortable.”
    I said “ Well if all this is about population then somebody better be really encouraging a population increase in the North. No more sterilisation pushing and other eugenics. He laughed and said “ This conversation is ended . There is no eugenics programme . I don’t know what you are talking about.’
    I phoned back to make sure I got his name . I said “Look, I don’t expect the Ministry of Highways to see eugenics  as a hot issue but you said you don’t know what I’m talking about so how can you say I’m wrong. “ He said again the conversation is ended.
    If you object to the Government reneging on its campaign promise to build a road to Wollaston phone 306-787-9447 or 306- 787-4949. Ask for Hon. Don McMorris. Don’t worry if you’re English isn’t too good. I definitely spoke English and he said he didn’t know what I was talking about. No swearing please. The truth makes them uncomfortable so don’t try to embellish it.  Keep this one up and spread it. Let’s make sure Regina hears from as many people from the “ small” population in the North as possible. Gay