Thursday, December 5, 2013

Southend Clinic, On its way to criminal negligence

    Question: What have the following ailments in common?
    (1.) Five large boils
    (2.) Bladder infection
    (3.) A severe bout of arthritis
            (4.) Blood poisoning to the point that the blood oozing from a toe, gum and stomach sore was not red but yellowish- orange.
    (5,) chest infection, fever and a history of abscessed tonsils.
    Answer: These ailments of five Brabant Lake individuals were all treated exclusively with Motrin, a pain killer and nothing else, by the Southend , Reindeer Lake Clinic.
    The clinic is on the reserve and according to information gathered this morning it is not accountable to :
    (a.) The Mamawetan Health Region in La Ronge
    (b.) The Ministry of Health, Saskatchewan
       ( c. ) Sask. College of Physicians and Surgeons.
    (d.)  Health Canada, Regina which chooses to communicate only with 4 recorded messages on topics like tobacco compliance
    I already knew that the clinic does not practise accountability to their clients, usual professional ethics in areas of confidentiality, patient rights, training and educational standards and equality of persons.
    I already knew that they get a huge amount of money from all levels of government, federal, provincial, regional health and band. As alwaus no one is willing or is able to tell me how much tax payer money they get.
    Brabant Lake is a non- reserve community 45 km. South of Southend. The clinic is its only health care facility within a hundred miles. Many people do not have vehicles and depend on Southend medical taxis. Yesterday a person phoning on behalf of a very sick adult was told that Brabant Lake can’t have medical taxis. The caller reminded her that taxis come here all the time. The person said that she would ask permission from Regina ( Health Canada) to authorise a taxi. Apparently some people have a special number to access a live person
    Last year there were public theatrics that Stephen Harper was going to take away medical care from all Indians. Brabant Lake people of various shades are still waiting to  access  real health care. We can buy or share are own Motrin. Like many areas of native politics a huge amount of money goes into health but no questions are asked about delivery of health services.  When we have tried to draw attention to the poor, dangerous, unethical or non- existent health care in the North we are told more money is spent per capita on health in the North than in the South ( south of Prince Albert)
     So? What does that mean? We need more people up here? Right. We have to have medi- vacs( emergency planes) and long ambulance trips? Right.  We have equal or superiour health care? Wrong. If the Southend Clinic was closed we would probably be healthier because people would have no illusions that they encountered a medical opinion or health care. In the meantime Southend Health Clinic continues to be a serious health risk to the point it deserves investigation for criminal negligence and fraud.  Gay