Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Search for Accountability Continues

Yesterday -45 F, Today -35 F or C
     The day after I posted the blog about Southend Clinic parents came to the school to ask John to take the family to La Ronge Hospital’s Emergency. Their baby was seen the day before at the clinic, He was running an extreme temperature, coughing, and couldn’t breath. The Southend Clinic said the baby is fine and sent him home with Tylenol. At Emergency the baby was admitted to the hospital and given several treatments. The doctor was not amused and phoned the Southend Clinic concerning the baby’s non- care.
    In the international medical community people dying of the flu shot are sited as “ The Canadian Experience.” It is admitted that a particular virulent stream of vaccine was administered in the North. The Liberals made it a pamphlet issue that the flu vaccine should be more wide spread and coercive. It is our conviction that Isaac Charles Sr.of this community died of the flue shot. Recently a sixteen year male student in Texas died of the flu vaccine administered at his public school.
    What is the Southend Clinic’s Response?  They once again come barrelling down the road, use the public’s Public School and push the flu vaccine as compulsory. Shortly after three people in the community were very sick. Was this old stock? Necessary in 40 below weather? Dangerous for babies and the elderly? These questions are not allowed to be asked and it is unlikely there would be an answer, at least not a researched or accurate one.
    Meanwhile the quest for accountability continues. Health Canada in Regina phoned back with some clues. She said that it is administered by Peter Ballentyne Band and gave me a number in Prince Albert. I discovered that the Southend, Arthur Morin Memorial Clinic is administered by Tina Dumais Clarke. Mrs. Clarke’s education is a Southend Grade 12. Her husband is a well known drug dealer who has played havoc in Brabant Lake in the past. It is not known if his activities have changed. That is all I could stomach in one day. The next day I left a message and next morning.Mr. Brian Ballentyne, Assistant Director for the band’s Health Services phoned back.
    He said that the Clinic gets absolutely no provincial funds. Mamawetan Regional Health Authority is not responsible for the Clinic and the Clinic is not accountable to Sask. Health, Health Canada or the Regional Health Authority. It is responsible to Tina Dumais Clarke. Ah Hah. Now we know. Tina Dumais Clarke is responsible to Tina Dumais Clarke.
    He said that the Southend Clinic is not responsible to give any services to anyone in Brabant Lake.
    Brabant Lake is a Northern Settlement, is not a reserve and as a diverse population.
I asked if the Clinic is not responsible to and for anyone in Brabant Lake then why are they barrelling down the road, pushing a dubious vaccine? Why are they phoning mothers and threatening them that they must get their baby vaccinated or they will be in trouble?
No answer.
    I did not ask why does Southend Clinichave a whole section of files on Brabant Lake people.
    To a Valard- SaskPower work camp of 150 men , to all of Brabant Lake  the clinic is the closest health care., albeit approximately 46km. away. The next is La Ronge, 175km. away. Mr. Ballentyne stated that the Clinic gets no money for any services and is not responsible for any of us in any way. I said that I had been told otherwise. The doctors in La Ronge use it as a delivery of services spot for us. He said that I should check my facts.
    Everyone in Sask.has a health card. When the health card is used the provider of health care gets paid. Every time someone goes to the clinic the clinic gets money from the
provincial government. In some cases they also get money from Health Canada
( Federally).
     Is there any provision to determine that the health provider actually delivers the stated health care? No.and especially not on a reserve clinic.
    Is there any controls to determine if the patient actually got the drugs as stated? No.
    Is there any controls to stop drugs from being stolen, switched, marketed outside the clinic? No.
    Is there any means to stop contrefeit, useless or out of date drugs being administered?
    Is there any professional accounting system and   personnel at the clinic? No.
    Is there any means to stop unqualified administrators and boards from interferring with qualified nurses and doctors ? No. But there is a fast and erratic staff turn turnover.
    It may be very nice for Tina Dumais Clarke to have a huge salary and a great deal of power . But does anyone in Southend, Brabant Lake or Valard Camp deserve this deceptive and dangerous mockery of health care?  No.   Gay