Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Dream and the Supreme Court

    I woke up on Christmas morning and remembered vividly my dream. It wasn’t about sugar plums dancing in our heads.
    Two men were driving a big red truck.  The box had a custom built high walled frame. It was painted the same bright red.  I thought, good for them. They built that well. It’s hard for things to fall out. There was a back entrance with the handle on the outside. I opened it. There was a pretty young woman dressed in a frilly red negligee on a mat. First I thought , I hope she is comfortable . I closed the high tail gate. Then reality hit. These men are driving their business truck. Their business is selling and providing the use of this woman’s body. According to the Supreme Court’s latest rewrite of Canada this should be perfectly legal. They expect the House of Commons to write and pass a law that would make this perfectly acceptable. Maybe the entrepreneurs would have to buy a peddler’s licence when they enter small towns. But one thing for sure this woman is off the streets. Therefore she is, according to the Supreme Court ,“ protected and safe.”
    There was a reason I was supposed to remember and write about this dream. But on Christmas Day? Precisely. God became man” to save us all from Satan’s power when we had gone astray.” The Supreme Court of Canada is acting like Satan’s Power and wants us all to go astray.
    The Supreme Court has ruled that the Canadian tax payer has a duty to provide centres where heroin addicts in the process of killing themselves, stealing to keep their habit going , infecting others while he sells his body , ripping off the welfare system must have clean disposable needles and a place to use them.
    The Supreme Court has ruled free speech entails that one must present both sides according to some people’s interpretation ( I have read that one and in my opinion it is being misinterpreted, but hey, the lawyers and Human Rights Commissions are the only ones allowed to claim literacy.) So MACLEANS switches sides ad nauseum week by week until it becomes unbearable to read. Sask. Pro Life thinks they need to publish a pro- contraception article. The only side that is not presented is there is such a thing as Truth and people have a right and duty to express their convictions. Let their opponents buy their own ink.
    The Supreme Court has ruled contrary to a motion passed on the definition of family and marriage that people of the same sex have a right to impose a mockery of marriage on clergy and society. Nothing in the Charter of Rights says this. It says rights must equally apply to both men and women. That means when people have a right to due process in law that includes Ms. Pamela Wallen not just Mr. Tony Merchant. That means that when people have a right to Life that includes Muslim women who sass back their husband.
    In the 1956 Canadian Encyclopedia there is a very good section on Canadian government incluing a picture of Her Majesty  Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.  The article states clearly that Parliament is supreme. Laws are passed by people who are elected by the people of Canada. It was a very good system and served us well. Two socialists helped Pierre Trudeau, another Socialist/ Communist to change all that. Another Socialist, Allen Blakeney  who had enough respect for democracy and law insisted on a Notwithstanding Clause that would save us from being ruled by a hedonist or confused
 eleven person autocracy. We can restore democracy and common sense. We don’t need an armed revolution. We simply apply the legal tools available and let the democractic process do the rest.
    What the Supreme Court has said in reality is Prostitution should be legal. Boys and girls of 16 years have a “right” to be exploited, abused, maimed and possibly killed in the “safety”  of a brothel. The Canadian tax payer must pay for these brothels as well as the ensuring health epidemics of patrons, the  exploited and any contacts. Canada needs to be saved from the  Supreme Court which needs to be saved from itself . The key is the Elected using the Notwithstanding Clause in their laws. Thank- you Mr. Blakeney. God rest your soul. Gaye