Sunday, September 15, 2013

StopMurder at Assessment and Delivery Unit at Royal University Hospital

Our Lady of Sorrows
    Today we received a phone call from The Assessment and Delivery Unit of Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. Among other things we learned of a situation where a mother had her water break or if you prefer, the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby leaked out. The baby is 19 weeks in utero or in the womb. The mother was told that the Hospital does nothing to help a baby survive earlier than 24 weeks in utero so she was told “ You might as well take an abortion pill and get it over with.”
    The mother and father are very upset. The mother sees this as an order The husband is very pro- life and doesn’t want her to comply. However she is captive to the hospital at a very vulnerable and frightening time.
    I phoned the receptionist at the Assessment and Deliversy Unit. She said that she would tell the patient that “ it is totally up to her.”
    Now on Friday I checked on a lovely baby when her mother passed the school. He looked like a two week old which is not surpising . His due date was two weeks ago, that is August 23. His birthday was July 19. The amniotic fluid broke in April which was well under 24 weeks. The mother received help from Royal Univerity Hospital and stayed in a hotel in Saskatoon for months paid by the taxpayer. In other words the baby received plenty of help. So who is making this arbitrary 24 weeks cut off ? Who is making the decision, no help for the baby but  murder to end his short life?
    The name of the unit is The Assessment and Delivery Unit. The name is not Assessment, Delivery and Abortion Unit. There is always limited medical care everywhere and for everyone even in the best of medical care. But what is the point of if you can’t cure you kill? The doctor is pushing a pill that is lethal to the baby and harmful to the mother. She may not ever have another  child.  She and her husband will suffer greatly from guilt and sorrow that they terminated the life of the baby. Some babies do die before birth The parents are always sad but they are comforted that they can meet that baby in heaven . Where is the comfort when one has helped murder that child?
    Many times mothers have been told “ you should have an abortion because you will likely have a miscarriage.” Misscarriages are trajic but the mother can recover emotionally and physically and may have another child that will come to term. Parents can get over deaths but not murders.
    What is the point of this abortion pushing on children who may or may not live for a long time.?  It is just an excuse to add to the practice of murder as part of supposed medical care.
    There are some things that you can do :
    Phone Royal Univerity Hospital main number 306- 655- 1000 and say that you do not want the Delivery Unit to be a murder unit. Make the call short. If you want to talk longer ask for administration or ask for members of the hospital board and their phone number.
    Phone the Ministry of Health in Regina .Ask for the Minister..
    Contact your  M.L. A,( Member of Legislative Assembly)
    Phone Premier Wall.
    Don’t bother writing  letters wanting them to be pro- life. You’ll probably get general platitudes and excuses..The specific goal is to stop abortion pushing in Royal University Assessment and Delivery Unit.
    Phone the Saskatoon Union Hospital Board and say that you want Maternity, Assessment and Delivery returned to St.Paul’s Hospital because Royal University and City Hospital can’t be trusted. Do at least one of these things. Thanks. Gay