Thursday, September 12, 2013

Municipal Official blocks anti-drugs efforts

For Immediate Release. Sept.12,2013
    Val Antoniuk, administrator of the Northern Settlement of Brabant Lake has shown her pro- drug commitment once again. At a meeting of the Local Advisory Committee the issue of a Law Enforcement Representative for an anti- drug conference  came forward. Mr. John Caswell who was the chosen law enforcement representative a few years ago applied to attend. It was assumed that there was no issue but paper work. After the meeting Val Antoniuk from her La Ronge office phoned two of the three counsellors and told them it was too expensive to send John to the conference.
    This Conference is financed by Health, Education and Justice Ministries in Regina. It is hosted by New North headquartered in La Ronge. Any conference in the North reguires funding from communities, some as far as 700 miles one way, some as small as 4 households. Government conferences and workshops affecting communities simply won’t happen without mileage, and hotel covered. Drugs are the major issue affecting crime, education and health. Many communities are seriously working to stop drugs and some improvements have been made. John Caswell has been a leader in encouraging law and order in Brabant lake. Without pay he works to help many people in trouble with the law . He has for years given people rides to court which is 90 kms.away.
    The Municipal office in La Ronge, rather helping to encourage safe and healthy communities has done everything they can to promote drugs.  Antoniuk fired John Caswell from his job as Water Treatment Operator and replaced with a known cocain user and drug
 dealer.  She told John , when he was acting mayor, that he could not mention drugs at the meeting. She stopped him from running for mayor in the last election . She chose a pro- drug mayor , Drugs were made available so the mayor of her choice would be elected. The size of the council has been reduced because “ there were too many arguments.” What is called arguments are the normal democratic process.
    This morning I, Gay Caswell, phoned several government offices. An executive assistent from Hon. Rieter’s office was very polite but did not understand that democracy does not exist in the North. He said Antoniuk must have been hired by the Municipal governmeit. There is no elected municipality and Antoniuk was not hired by any elected counsel and is answerable to no one. Brabant lake has only a Local Advisory Council whose job apparentlly is to take orders from the Administrator whose office is in La Ronge. Antoniuk decides who can run, who will get drug election supplies and what can be mentioned at meetings. Only a person cooperative to the drug trade would be allowed to go to an anti- drug conference.
    A former mayor , Solomon Hardlotte organised a petition to have Antoniuk removed from administrator of Brabant lake. Almost every adult in the village signed. Mr. Reiter, the Municipal Minister in Regina sent Mr. Hardlotte a letter telling him that Antoniuk was doing a wonderful job. He sent Hardlotte’s letter to our address. He didn’t even bother to get the mayor’s address let alone take seriously his and the community’s concerns.
    Drugs are epidemic in the North because high paying government officials are letting it happen or are actively involved in the trade. Antoniuk is the most blatant example/ She seems also the most protected. 
For more information contact John or Gay Caswell 306-758-20146 ( school) or 758-2041.