Monday, September 9, 2013

Democracy vs.Brad Wall

    Where does Premier Brad Wall stand on democracy? On Free Speech?
    Many times I am opposed to what happens or does not happen in Regina. I shrug my shoulders and say “ They’re not the NDP.” Now that reason for support is wearing thin.
    Brad Wall meets with the leader of the NDP and confirms his support of destroying an important part of our democratic institutions. This cause he has embraced came about by a few NDP- Lib attacks on Conservatives especially Conservative media personnel. This anti- Senate position is hardly well thought- out, a publicly known position  of long stasnding but is merely a supeficial desire to run ahead in case there really is a parade
    Saskatchewan has been a leader in destroying democracy. Remember Justrice Minister Roy Romanow? He, Trudeau, and Chretien reshaped Canada by enshrining the Charter of Rights as part of our Constitution . We had a country where parliamentary system reigned supreme, where the laws in the main were sensible and balanced. If they were not popular laws they could be easily changed. Now we have a Court making decisions that are based on imaginary invisible things in a Charter. We have a Court that makes it a Canadian responsibility to help people destroy themselves with drugs.  We have a Court that says a person can’t publicly reject his former destructive lifestyle. We can do something about this thanks to another Saskatchewan Premier. Allen Blakeney. So why doesn’t Brad Wall be a leader in correcting this by using the Notwithstanding Clause?
    He prefers issues like giving the Co- Op the right to sell liquour or responding to the Envy factor by calling for the destruction of half of our federal government.
    The courts of Saskatchewan, particularly in the North  are a mess. They have not the least concept of balanced reasoned debate. It is nice that no one lately is trying to put me in jail without a trial to silence me. But what is you and company doing about the situation so that it never happens again... to anyone?
    What are you doing about the outrageous decision that Bill Whatcott can’t protest the sexual abuse of children?
    Was are you  doing about the fact that the owners of  a private store can not make a decision as to who is their customer?
    What are you doing about the illigitimate governing bodies such as the legislative, assembly, the Senate , yes I said SENATE and Secratariates paid by the taxpaer without representation ? What is government  doing  paying huge salareies to the Chiefs, Vice Chiefs, Vice- Vice Chiefs and Vice Chiefs of Vice et c et c ?.. This is done without public knowledge and without  full disclosure . We know that the Federation of Sask. Indians gets !.5 million dollars from Regina but that is not all / Let’s have the true figures. FSI has nothing to do with Treaty Rights but is an attack on individual and community rights of natives and others.
    What are you doing about the constitional right of parents to decide the education of their children and the cconstitutional right of Catholic schools to exist ?. There is one Catholic school north of Prince Albert . What are you doing to protect that school ?. A province cannot, be half free and half silenced.
    The NDP have always had the position of abolishing the Senate. They have always have had the position of abolishing free- enterprise, private property, proper judicial procedures, marriage, Catholic and other Christian Schools, and the Sanctity of Life.
 So what ? A lot of us thought that the SaskParty is supposed to be the alternative to the NDP.
Are you oppose to an elected, effective and equal  Senate because you really aren’t keen on democracy and free speech?. Gay