Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sinking Giggling into the Lake

Sept.03, 2013
    Recently I noticed a strange, small and very ugly boz. One one side was a red, bleeding eye with English words and on another side was the same red bleeding eye with French words. In very small print was “ Number 7". Ah, ah. This is a cigarette box. I wondered if Trudeau Junior got his way what a package of legalised  marijuana would like. ludgine by the present mind or mindless  set  it would be day glo pink with saisies and say  Enjoy!”
    We have been bombarded with the dangers and evils of tobacco and yet no articles, no posters, no warnings about the effects of marijuana. In Peter Hitchen’s crucial and excellent book THE WAR THAT WAS NEVER FOUGHT he describes the adverse effects of cannabis and other drugs and the official deceit in which it is promoted in Great Britain.  He says that there has never been a systematic study of the effects of marijuana on the population. Well, the world does have a huge field study in northern Saskatchewan. When we came up in 1995 drugs particularly marijuana was apparently not only effectively legal but,  practically mandatory. It was your civic duty to cop out, drop out, and disappear one way or another. The first drug busts here were in the middle of the Federal election.. Rob Clarke, a mountie was a candidate. I never met him until  two years later.but we watched a drug arrest outside our window. It was more beautiful than a sun rise.
    When MACLEAN”S magazine was in its temporary sanity period it had an article about the terrible math programmes in Canadian schools. Premier Wall in Regina has issued more than once the results of a survey that Saskatchewan, once an educational leader in North America, is below national standards in math and science. Those terrible  math books are necessary to cover up that students may not be able to learn proper math due to a high population of drug users in the classroom or very often out of the classroom or late.to the classroom.
    We regularly hear the hacking cough of a young man that has the sound of an eighty year old emphysema patient. He is a regular  marijuna user.  The sunken chest, the glazed eyes, the lassitude and indifference to other people’ suffering is well known.
    The late Malcolm Muggeridge writes of the open use of cannabis or hashish in Egypt in the 1920's.:
    “ When I hear or read their apologies for hashish, I recall the Zaffaran Palace and the stupified red faces and inert minds of the students there, the dreadful instance of the destructive effects of the drug on bodies and minds which any resident in the Middle East was bound to encounter . I know of no better exemplification of the death wish at the heart of our way of life than determniation to bring about the legalisation of hashish so that it may ravish the West as it has the Middle and Far East.”
     When I taught for a short while at the Northern Lights School hear the teacher was using drugs in the school and her boy friend, Paul Janvier,  was openly selling marijuana from the teacherage. They would pick up a supply on Thursday night so that the whole community would be stoned through out the weekend. You could literally smell it on the streets. She told me that her boyfriend who had been in jail for killing his wife is much better using marijuana than alcohol because it doesn’t make him violent. I had also heard this also from an employee of the Prince Albert National Park where marijuana is widely used. That teacher was murdered by Janvier in the Dillon teacherage . For the second known murder he got 5 years.
    Legalising marijuana does not decrease crime. It creates a mileu where moral and logical  judgements can no longer be made and the person doesn’t care that he can’t think, can’t learn,  can’t work and can’t feel . Gay.