Wednesday, July 29, 2015

O Canada, We stand on guard for thee.

July 29,2015

    Canada is at war. It is not of our choosing nor of our initiative. Islamic terrorists have made attacks for years on civilians in and out of Canada.  An Islamic terrorist killed a Canadian soldier guarding a war memorial on Parliament Hill. Then went into the Parliament Buildings to kill our Prime Minister and Members of Parliament. He was shot by the ceremonial Sergeant- at- Arms. Another Extremist drove into a group of Canadian soldiers and killed one. In the recent past there has been attempts to blow up the Parliament Building and kill the Prime Minister. Terrorist groups like ISIS are recruiting Canadian youth to join their international war against Christians, Jews , fellow Muslims, and anyone who stands in their way. ISIS brags that they will kill the Pope. France, Britain, United States, Spain, Kenya, Nigeria, and many Muslim countries have or are experiencing their massive onslaughts of terror and slaughter.
    Syria has Christian communities that date back 1800 years before northern Saskatchewan heard the Gospel. Today to be a Christian in Syria means flight or certain death. Two million refugees have fled their country. Christians have been crucified en mass. That was too slow. ISIS goes into a community. It is convert to their way or be beheaded. Many thousands have chosen martyrdom.  In Iraq Muslims praying in a mosque are also murdered because they are not sufficiently “ ISIS pure”.

    How can we  Canadians protect our own country, our own freedoms, our own institutions unless we take a stand? The Prime Minister and our government understand this. Our soldiers are training Kurdish soldiers to fight ISIS.  The government passed the Anti-Terrorism Act to protect us at home and to stop being a recruitment and training centre for this international terror.

    Incredibly Mulcair and Junior T. are on the side of ISIS. They want Canada to stop opposing ISIS and other Muslim Extremist Terrorist groups.  If one does not stand against active terrorism then objectively one becomes a supporter of that terrorism.

    Mulcair and Junior plus their  NDP and Liberal Caucus were threatened by the Terrorist who entered the Parliament Building after killing a Canadian soldier. This is their personal fight. They will not fight. They will not let others fight. If they can’t be moved to fight for the safety of Parliament and even their own lives, how can they possibly care about yours and mine? How can they possibly care if Christians are beheaded, school girls are kidnapped, moderate Muslims can’t pray in safety?

    Part of the threat of Muslim extremism must include politicians who choose ideology over reality, comfort over responsibility. The NDP- Lib have no solution to terrorism except to ignore it and pretend it will go away.  That is the Culture of Death writ large.  Gay