Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Will the Real Archbishop Please Stand Up!



                When Fr. Thaddeus Lancton came to Brabant Lake we had a very successful mission with this newly ordained priest. We  also had success in the very devastating experience of discovering how far those opposed to traditional Catholicism would go.

                There wasn’t a smear campaign or blatant lie  that they hadn’t pumped into this Father who had never met us.  We constantly heard that the Bishop says this , the Bishop insists that. They were often contradictory and inconsistent with the Archbishop we know. On the last day in La Ronge St. Jean Viennay  Church we discovered why. They have their very own “ bishop.”

The LaRonge Catholics Bulletin stated that Archbishop Sylvain LaVoie had been in La Ronge to give them “a special blessing” of confession and a Mass. The Sacraments and the Mass are considered extras not the norm. Sunday Celebrations and Parish  Council dictates run by a Sr. Norma is the norm and mainstay of their  religion. 

Further it stated that Archbishop Sylain Lavoie of Keewatin- Le Pas  confirmed 14 young people in June.

There was a picture of a very tall man beside Sr. Norma. The person is unidentified. He is Archbishop Murray Chatlain of Keewatin- Le Pas   ordined the same day as the Pope was ordained.  His name is not mentioned anywhere,

Last year when Fr. Joshua came home he and his brother had been given permission to  have services anywhere in the Archdiocese. The Vicar General Robert La Roche reversed that and said that he could not say Masses anywhere except in his home. The rationale is according to him when the Archbishop is away from the cathedral he is the Archbishop. Since His Grace Murray Chatlain is very conscientious in his far flung diocese and travels extensively this happens often. LaRoche was giving continual instruction to Fr.Thaddeus.  Nothing included any inclusion of John and Gay Caswell who arranged for the priest to come.

So we have three “bishops”

1.       Former Archbishop  Sylvain Lavoie who stepped  down and who lives in Edmonton, Alberta and who expects Southend to pay for his transportation when he gives them one Mass.

2.       Vicar General La Roche who was not chosen by the Archbishop but was imposed on him.

3.       The real Archbishop Murray Chatlain who lives in Le Pas, Manitoba.

We also have the Boss Sr. Norma who was promised that we were kicked out of the North long ago and who works with Former Bishop  Lavoie and takes orders or  gives them to the Vicar General who stays at home so he can reverse the Archbishop’s decisions.

We travelled 800 miles to attend the ordination of Archbishop Chatlain. We were recovering from a bout of sickness and had few travelling resources. We ‘re sticking with the Ordained present Bishop, the Actual Presences of Jesus in the Eucharist, the necessity of Confession  and the other Sacraments . Mr. Sedley Cook said having Fr. Thaddeus was just like old times. Old times is proper Catholic practices and teaching.   Gay