Saturday, September 5, 2015

Religious Persecution Alive and Spreading

Sept.05, 2015
    Due to arthritis, my husband, John, has not been able to kneel in church for over a year.  Last week he knelt three times, at the Consecration, after receiving Communion and at the final blessing. Afterwards I was rejoicing with others as to how well he was doing. A young man came up and said “ You are suppose to worship ‘in communion’. The Parish Council decided that we don’t kneel here.”

    Firstly Parish Councils are optional structures. Canon Law states that “ you may have parish councils”, not you MUST have parish councils. They do not have the authority to rule in matters of conscience nor to rule outside of obedience or permission from Rome . There is only one reason NOT to kneel , that is to dismiss the actual presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. If you don’t believe that Jesus is really present there is no point to the Mass or the Priesthood.  The same few who made this ruling also believe that a priest is optional and therefore Confession is optional. They are using the Church to create their own religion where  Community replaces community because of Christ. As usual they are attempting to impose their views on others by coercion. This is religious persecution.

    A rural Ukrainian Catholic parish went to the Ukraine and paid for a priest. Bishop Baydadoes not allow this priest to say Mass outside his home.. The reason: He does things like say Thanks Ukrainian style in public, stand up, bow ,cross yourself three times. He goes to a local pilgrimmages bare feet. He and his wife met in Siberia where their families were banished by the Communists due to Christian practice. They heard Canada allows religious freedom. Not only that, we used to fight for it. This is religious persecution of the priest and of the  parishes who need him.

    This priest said to me a few years ago “ I think that we will have Communism in Canada in three or four years. I said “ well ,actual things are getting better.” We could however reverse the restoration of  Canada to the Canada of freedom, opportunity and strength by voting in the Mulcair- Justin team.
    The Lib- NDP view is Canada should not oppose ISIS, the terrorist extremist movement from recruiting, promoting and practising their hate and violence here and abroad. Millions are fleeing from ISIS to save their lives. Many die in the attempt. The beheadings, the genocide, the glorification of their actions on the Internet are okey with this Looney Left combo.  The Conservatives want to help protect the world and Canada from ISIS. They do not.

    Religious persecution won’t end with a few incidents here and there. It will be total. The Bible, as is, will be banned.  Catholic schools will not be Catholic.  Sexual child abuse will be promoted from grades Kto 12 as it is in Liberal- run Ontario. Moderate muslims may be killed by ISIS vigilantes  in their own mosques. The lives of women and girls will be at the mercy of their husbands, sons and brothers who can kill them at will if it is explained that it is a cultural practice.

    On Oct 19 the Church traditionally remembers St. Jean de Brebeuf who was tortured and killed by pagan Iroquois as was their cultural practice. On Oct.19 we can choose to vote in religious persecution or choose to vote to preserve freedom of conscience and religion.  Gay